Glittery, Peachy and Prepared to Go the Distance, MAC’s paint Pot in vintage selection Is a top pick for dinners and dates

wearing MAC’s vintage selection ($18.50), one of eight new pro Longwear paint Pots available now at MAC counters, stores and
Last night I met a pal of mine, Joanie, for dinner in the city (Delarosa restaurant). She’s also a makeup nerd makeup enthusiast, so I wanted to go buck wild with a coral and green eye look using the new Guerlain Coup de Foudre palette and some false lashes, because I knew she’d “get it,” if you know what I indicate (LOL, do you ever do that with your makeup buds!?), but per usual, time got away from me, and I ended up having to bolt out of the house at the last minute with what I was already wearing — a basic eye look with liner, mascara and MAC’s shimmery, silvery peach pro Longwear paint Pot in vintage selection ($18.50).

Wouldn’t ya know it? even in the dim lighting of the restaurant, halfway through a convo about red smokey eyes, Joanie asked me about the glitter glittering on me.


“Ooh, girl,” I replied between bites of polenta smothered in gooey cheese and tomato sauce. “That’s MAC’s new vintage selection pro Longwear paint Pot! Lemme tell ya about it…”

It’s a cream eye shadow, comes in a pot, and it’s one of those Jekyll and Hyde shades that looks deceptively mellow when you open it, but get it on your lids, and it’s, “Wow! Sparkly glitter-o-rama!”

Моя любимая вещь об этом? — other than the shimmery specks and how well it layers? With or without a primer, it lasts on my lids for hours! I can put it on at 10 in the morning, and it’s still going strong, with no fading and only the faintest creasing, at 8 o’clock at night.


Кошки и макияж Толстовка ??

$ 42.

Магазин сейчас

Vintage selection ($18.50)
A frosty peach with tiny pieces of silver glitter
MAC vintage selection on my lids

I did notice before removing my makeup last night that a some tiny flecks of vintage Selection’s silver specks had leapt from my lids to the area under my eyes.

Hmm… No biggie. I was rubbing at my eyes toward the end of dinner (I was very sleepy). next time I wear it, I’ll have to remember to keep my paws off my peepers.

And heck, I kind of liked the way it looked, the glitter under my eyes. It could have been fatigue, but I actually think it had a minor brightening effect.

Vintage selection pro Longwear may be a little too glittery to wear to lots of workplaces, but it’s a good one to have in the party section of your makeup case. best for those fun nights on the town.

PRICE: $18.50
AVAILABILITY: Available now at MAC counters, stores and
Рейтинг макияжа и апелляции Рейтинг блога: B +

Delarosa ristorante

Nom-age! just a few pics from last night’s dinner with Joanie. Delarosa is a trendy Italian restaurant in San Francisco’s Marina district.

Clockwise from the upper left: Dungeness crab arancini; burrata bruschetta with hazelnuts and honey; cannellini bean and sage soup and a warm wintertime salad with chicories; cauliflower and hazelnuts; and house-made donuts with chocolate sauce, mascarpone and raspberry puree
I’ll be dreaming about those doughnuts for the next few nights, LOL! even though the servings for the appetizers seemed small for the price (often happens at places characterized as “trendy”), I have to say, every bite was like a parade!

If you’re ever out here and decide to go, just a heads-up, but it’s what they call communal seating, so you might end up rubbing elbows with a stranger (could be good or bad, depending).

And they also don’t take reservations. Well, regular ones. You can call an hour ahead of time to put your name on the wait list. probably a good idea, especially on the weekend.

The place got a little boisterous as we were eating, but it was kind of exciting? By the end of dinner, we had to yell to hear each other. “THAT RED SMOKEY EYE? DON’T forget BLACK LINER!!”



If you’re trying to find a relaxing place to chat with your crush, it might not be the best choice, but otherwise, good food, lively environment.

Ваш дружелюбный апелляционный призыв соседства,


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